The Choices We Make—Affects Everyone Around Us

#AIDS #HIV On this day 9/28/2013 my Dad lost his battle with AIDS. Those of you who know me personally know how much I miss him and how close we were. He was the only man in my life that’ll speak and I actually listened. (until my love now) He lived with the disease for years, stopping his medication after some years because the medication itself was killing him. He began to juice his foods and eat healthy. That change alone added years to his life. He contracted the disease by way of using needles. My wonderful daddy was a drug addict. Growing up I used to call him an alcoholic, until I realized alcohol wasn’t his only demon. Functional, productive, man in society. He worked, he loved his family. He just loved his habit more. This addiction STILL takes so many lives, it’s still destroying so many families.

I’ve never openly spoken about my father’s battle because my family is extremely private. But I’m an adult now, and I’m missing the man who had my back till the ends of earth so bad!

Being an addict isn’t something to be ashamed of, not getting the treatment and going within self, and learning self-love, that’s the part to be ashamed of. Daddy made his transition, living in his peace. He was drug and alcohol free for only 17 years of the last part of his life. He moved to Maine where he could have the peace he desired and write about his journey and his Love for Jesus.

He loved his grandchildren, he loved his daughters, but most of all he learned to love himself enough want to live healthy, happy, and whole! If this is your battle, or you know someone who’s struggling, you’re not alone, and please as hard as it gets, don’t abandon the ones that love you. SEEK HELP! Text or Call 679.500.1084

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