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You came down to Atlanta to be by my side from the beginning,

When the doctors told me I had to have open heart surgery.

Every appointment I had you were there for support.

I didn't know I actually needed your presence, because I was an adult.

You asked specific questions to my Surgeon, because I agreed to have a titanium valve placed inside of me.

You were very skeptical and unsure, you thought it may have been too risky.

I hadn't gotten married yet, I only had 1 child and it seemed my life wasn't complete.

But I assured you and the doctor that I wasn't going to have anymore children, but that was the ultimate deceit.

After my surgery I realized something was missing in my life.

Being a mom of more, maybe 4 and also possibly becoming a wife.

You were there during one of my most scariest times, I didn't even know I needed you.

I hope you knew how truly grateful I was, you made the process so much easier to go through.”

— The Love You Gave: The Attention I Craved by Nahdiyah A. Dennison

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