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“The Price You Paid

You lived your life carefree, not really responsible for anything or anyone.

You weren't even responsible for yourself, you were all about getting hi and having "fun."

You felt as though this world was yours, and you hurt plenty of people along your journey.

You realized mid life that the world is not yours and the news you received left you hurting.

You yearned for the life you threw away like trash.

The unfortunate thing, not everyone can forgive, as you found out there were plenty that told you to kiss their ass.

Once you heard the diagnosis of you having HIV, you wanted to immediately change your life.

You came to Atlanta to tell your family of the news, but once we heard we knew it wasn't as simple as black and white.

You became committed to being a better human being.

You evolved so much spiritually and you understood life had a deeper meaning.

In the beginning of your diagnosis you were in and out of the hospital due to complications of the disease.

It took years of near death experiences before you learned that juicing your food will put your body at ease.

We became extremely close throughout the years.

I told you so much about me because you had no judgement, from all my dreams to my fears.

Whether I asked you questions or not, you told me about your past in detail.

Our conversations were authentic, encouraging and raw, You taught me that with God, I can never fail!

I would call you at any time and ask you to pray for me.

You Loved God so much and with your faith I knew He would supply all my needs.

The price you paid taught everyone around you as well as yourself a real lesson.

I'm grateful you changed your life around and you were able to be such a wonderful blessing.”

— The Love You Gave: The Attention I Craved by Nahdiyah A. Dennison

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